Fish ladder at the foot of the Saint-Ours dam - picture taken by COVABAR
A world-unique fish ladder! A world-unique fish ladder!

After the reconstruction of the Chambly and Saint-Ours dams, the decline in eel and copper redhorse populations, among other species, accelerated. There was an urgency to act so the Vianney-Legendre fishway project was born.

The device is constructed like a ladder that the various fish inhabiting the Richelieu must climb step by step to reach the other side.

Since 2001, this fishway has enabled endangered species to bypass the Saint-Ours Dam to spawn in their habitual breeding grounds. A special little pass was added to meet the needs of the American eel.

Through a window installed in the fishway, observe fish going up the Richelieu. In addition, interpretive panels explain the different species and their characteristics. You'll become an expert at recognizing sturgeon, redside and copper redhorse – as well as the tasty shad!

The observation period extends over 3 to 4 weeks during the months of May and June.