At the Forges du Saint-Maurice, a wide range of services is made available to the public:

  • A site map, which is offered at the reception area of the Grande Maison;
  • Interpretive panels along the historic trail;
  • A vending machine (soft drinks) on the ground floor of the Grande Maison;
  • Changing table;
  • Picnic tables;
  • A broad lawn area for visitor use, where children may play in complete safety;
  • A large-capacity parking lot;
  • A bicycle rack.

Special Rules

Visitors must keep their dogs on a leash at all times. Dogs may not enter Site buildings.

Visitors must keep their shirts on at all times.

It is strictly forbidden to swim or wade into to the site’s stream or the St. Maurice river. It is also forbidden to use the site as a place to embark or disembark onto any boat, kayak or other floating device.

Fires are strictly forbidden at the Forges National Historic Site. Stoves (propane, etc.) and grills (charcoal, briquettes, etc.) are also prohibited as is any type of alcohol.

Universal Access

Both buildings offer complete access to visitors with reduced mobility by using ramps and an elevator where it is necessary:

  • The ground floor may be accessed via a special ramp;
  • Special toilet facilities are available on the ground floor;
  • An elevator allows visitors to access the cellars and the floor where the multimedia show is held;
  • Picnic tables adapted for wheelchairs are available close to the blast furnace.