A depiction of the devil, holding an ironsmith’s hammer.
The Devil Personified

The Devil's Fountain

The intense glow of the blast furnace and the flickering flames of the Forges cast fearsome shadows on workshop walls. It was quite literally the stuff of numerous local legends.

According to these accounts, the Devil himself was often seen haunting the environs.

Once, in fact, he got into a fight with a workman. They said Old Nick also had his own fountain of fire!

A boy in front of one of the viewpoints looking out over the Saint-Maurice River.
The Nature Trail

The nature trail (closed)

Part of the nature trail bordering the banks of the St. Maurice River is closed for safety reasons.

A group of visitors enjoying a picnic under a tree.
Picnic Area

Wide Green Spaces

You may have worked up an appetite after your walk. What would you say now to a picnic?

Several tables have been set out for your enjoyment. But if you'd rather sit on the lawn, by all means suit yourself! There's no shortage of seating with a view!