A visit to the archaeological crypt located under Dufferin Terrace provides the answers to many questions about life at the time of the French and English regimes. Between 1620 and 1834, it was here that the official residences and seats of power of the governors were located.

The remains of Château Saint-Louis, its outbuildings and culinary complex help us go back in time and better understand the governor's functions as well as the lifestyle of the site's inhabitants. Understand the purpose of historic objects on exhibit - a guided tour is an immersion into the daily life of yesteryear.

The history of the château is fascinating and reveals that we are far from knowing everything about this rich period in history. For example, upon seeing the château's ice pit, learn that Frontenac had a pronounced taste for sorbets prepared by his personal confectioner!

Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site is managed by the Québec Area Field Unit at Parks Canada.

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