The Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site has completed its season. Thank you to all visitors and see you next year!

Get to know the epic tale of the final battle at sea between France and Great Britain for possession of France's North American territories.

Share in life-or-death decisions
Be admitted to the council room, where you’ll meet the officers and learn about the logistics and tactics of the relief mission that took you here from far-off France. The Battle of the Restigouche was the last naval battle of the Seven Years’ War to be fought in North American waters.

Join the crew!
The hold of the Machault was filled with goods and munitions, with a crew of 150 and 100 soldiers squeezed in between decks. You'll find out just how much transatlantic travel has changed between then and now!

Witness a priceless treasure
The wreck of the Machaut is one of only three 18th-century French frigates recovered to date. It's remarkably well preserved.

Marvel at the precious cargo!
You’ll find numerous artifacts brought to the surface by Parks Canada's underwater archaeologists, giving you a vivid picture of daily life in 18th-century New France. They’re now a standard reference for the Seven Years’ War period in New France because they can be precisely dated and are exceptionally well preserved.