Make the most of your visit to Obadjiwan–Fort Témiscamingue by visiting our permanent and temporary exhibitions and watching the film “The Voyageurs”, which tells the story of a unique contribution to the discovery of Canada.

Audio-visual projections Obadjiwan exibition: following in the tracks of fur-bearing animals

The film “The Voyageurs

group of voyageurs paddling in a rabaska

Filmed in 1964 by the National Film Board of Canada, this 20-minute intended for all documentary is being shown in the multi-purpose room. It tells the story of simple, spirited men who set off to reach the West. In service of companies with a hunger for fur, they push their incursions farther and farther into the Pacific Ocean.

The Young Xplorers of Parks Canada

* Activity suspended until further notice.

Xplorers of Parks Canada - Go ! Explore...!

The Parks Canada Xplorer program is a lively new activity for the whole family.

Six- to eleven-year-olds will enjoy the daring, delight, and fun… On your marks, get set, Xplore!

This program is also offered at numerous other Parks Canada sites.

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