What to know before you visit

As announced in 2015, Parks Canada will be investing three billion dollars over five years towards restoring the infrastructure of national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas of Canada.

Over the next few months, the Manoir Papineau National Historic Site will be closed to the public for major conservation work. The investments in the historic buildings—chiefly in the manor house, the granary, and the tea house—are designed to allow Canadians to continue enjoying our rich history and heritage and to preserve this unique site for future generations. These investments will ensure that our past continues to have a future.

A construction schedule is coming soon.

Infrastructure projects in Manoir-Papineau National Historic Site

Manoir Papineau

  • Replacement of the roof covering
  • Repairs to the woodwork, including the doors and windows
  • Repairs to the rough plaster
  • Restoration or revamping of the finishes inside the manor
  • Stabilization of the ballroom’s dome ceiling

Tea house

  • Securing of the building foundation
  • Structural repairs


  • Stabilization of the masonry

Fuel tank

  • Replacement of the oil tank with a propane tank
  • Works near the Family Museum

For safety reasons, it is necessary to close the site completely due to the machinery, noise, dust, debris, storage areas, and security perimeters. This will allow us to carry out the work within a specific time frame, thus reducing construction time and preventing multiple disruptions for visitors.

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of infrastructure projects underway in Manoir-Papineau National Historic Site. Only projects that may impact visitors are listed.