The Commemorative Intent

  • The Papineau House was designated a national historic site in 1968. The reasons for the designation, stated in the minutes of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada for 2002, are the following:

    1. There is a close association between the site and the most active and most important period in the life of Papineau when he was leader of the Parti canadien and one of the prominent figures in the events during the troubled times leading up to the Rebellion of 1837.

    2. The Papineau House represents a successful combination of the influence of various styles, especially an architectural vocabulary inherited from the French Regime overlaid with a vocabulary inspired by Neoclassical traditions […].

Management plan

The historic site is closed to the public as it continues to be used as a residence.

Special activities are held in the yard of the Papineau House, for example, as part of the Montreal Architectural Heritage Campaign.

To learn more about Parks Canada’s plans for the house, please consult the Management Plan (PDF version, 5.83 MB) for the Louis-Joseph Papineau National Historic Site.

All requests for information relating to the Papineau House should be addressed to the manager of the Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site.