1. How do you get to Lévis Forts National Historic Site?

To find out how to get here. visit our web page called:  Getting here. For further information, call us at (418) 835-5182.

2. Why were forts built at Lévis?

A chain of three forts was built at Lévis as part of the Québec defensive system against invasion by the Americans.

3. Was there an underground passageway between the three forts? Was there a tunnel under the St. Lawrence River connecting Fort No. 1 to the Québec Citadel?

No. There was no tunnel between the forts nor was there one from Fort No. 1 to the Québec Citadel.

4. Was there ever a prison at Fort No. 1?

No. Fort No. 1 was never a prison. However, it did serve as a munitions depot during the two World Wars.

5. Was there ever any water in the ditch?

No. The ditch was not designed to hold water. Four underground chambers called caponiers were armed for protection. They had loopholes and gun embrasures for canons.

6. What happened to the other two forts?

On November 15, 1947, the Department of National Defence turned the forts over to the Department of Mines and Resources. Then Fort No. 2 was taken over by the Mouvement Desjardins and Fort No. 3 was converted into a cement factory, recently demolished.