Restoration of the fire proctection system


  • Catholic chapel: Winter 2018 COMPLETED
  • Lazaretto: Fall 2017 COMPLETED
  • Disinfection building and the repair shop: Fall 2017 COMPLETED
  • Third-class hotel: Fall 2017 COMPLETED
  • First-class hotel: Winter 2018 COMPLETED

The work consisted in upgrading the mechanical components and/or replacing the pipes of the fire protection systems, if needed.

Restoration of the outer walls of the buildings


  • Old wash house: roof (2016) and siding (2017-2018) COMPLETED

The work was related to the restoration of the exterior wood siding as well as the doors and windows.

The period of work indicated  is provided for information purposes only and is based on information we have available. Changes may occur depending on different circumstances.  

With the federal infrastructure program, major work is underway at Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial Irish National Historic Site. Come back regularly for more information on these restorations and their impact on our site.