In addition to its remarkable history, Grosse Île boasts an exceptional natural heritage.

The natural heritage of Grosse Île is particularly obvious through its wide diversity of vegetation. The biodiversity and number of rare plant species found in this considerably small national historic site is significant and comparable to those in Canada’s larger national parks. The vegetation of Grosse Île is also of great ecological value for its variety of habitats and composition of species.

Wildlife at Grosse Île is also unusual. The insular environment harbours species of amphibians and reptiles not common in Quebec, a variety of bird communities, one of the largest colonies of bats in Canada, and even white-tailed deer.

Natural integrity
Lastly, the richness of Grosse Île’s natural heritage is not only due to its ecological diversity, but also to the preservation of its natural resources through time. This small island in the St. Lawrence thus deserves much attention.

Monitoring wild leek populations Monitoring wild leek populations

Conservation efforts
Parks Canada works to better understand ecosystems, rare species and sensitive habitats found on Grosse Île. Ecological studies and monitoring projects are carried out to ensure protection and to promote their development. This approach also enhances the visitor experience.

Advice when visiting
You can help preserve this fragile environment. When visiting, act accordingly by keeping to the trails, not picking “natural souvenirs” and not disturbing the wildlife. Your experience will be that much more enjoyable and beneficial to the maintenance of the ecosystem on Grosse Île.