In the company of a Parks Canada interpreter, immerse yourself in the history of Grosse Île and learn about the attempts to counter epidemics transmitted from Europe. Then discover the sites that remind us of this not-so-distant past…

Follow the Irish cemetery guide to the Celtic Cross, first passing through the first class hotel. Travel on a trolley to the old village of Saint-Luc-de-la-Grosse-Île and the hospitals sector. Then, explore the sectors formerly reserved for employees and their families. Admire the Catholic Chapel, the Anglican Chapel and the house of the public works official. It is in this area you will find the lazaret—quarantine station—built in 1847. This building, one of the oldest on the island, represents the ultimate witness to the Irish tragedy.

The guided tour of the three sectors of Grosse Île is offered from May 1st to June 21 and from September 3 to October 13.
Thematic tours are offered from June 22 to September 2.

May 1st to May 17 2019
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays*
Guided tour of the 3 sectors of Grosse-Ile (including all the must-visit of Grosse Île).

May 18 to June 21 2019 and September 3 to October 13 2019
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays*
Guided tour of the 3 sectors of Grosse-Ile (including all the must-visit of Grosse Île).

June 22 to September 2 2019: THEMATIC TOURS ONLY 
Every day
Check out the thematic tours section for the high season.
In addition to seeing all the must-visit of Grosse Île, you will choose a thematic tour that suits your interests.

* Possibility of booking every day of the week for groups only. Contact us for more information.

Parks Canada is pleased to offer free admission for youth at our parks and sites. However, transport fees to get to Grosse Île apply in addition to admission fees listed below.

We invite you to contact the carriers to learn more on their rates.

Parks Canada Admission fees (taxes included)
Adult (18 to 64 years old): $17.60
Senior (65 years old or over): $14.95
Youth (17 years old and under): free

  • Reservation is required for groups.
  • This experience is outdoors, be prepared, weather can change at any time.
  • Part of this guided tour has limited accessibility.
  • Maximum 30 persons per guide.



You must make your reservation with one of our carriers.

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Telephone: 418 234-8841


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Grosse Île: where the past comes alive


View of the St-Lawrence river

A girl light up a candle light and blow the matches

The girl sit on a chair, take a photo album in her hands and flip the pages. She looks at old family photos.

A rosary is moving on a grave by the wind.

A girl sat at the cemetery

The medical officer is entering the Desinfection building.

View from above the Celtic Cross

A girl walk trough the Irish Memorial Monument.

View from above the Irish Memorial Monument

View from inside the Desinfection building (showers)

View of the cemetery

Closed view of girl's shoes going down the stairs

View of Grosse Île

View from inside the Lazaretto

St-lawrence river and the boat who transports the visitor leaving Grosse-Île

Group of people walking by the Celtic Cross

Girl smiling and walking by a building

A woman enjoying the view of the St-Lawrence river

View of many building on Grosse-Île

View from inside a building

Closed view of names written on the Irish Memorial

A girl turning her back to the viewer looking at the river

Overview of buildings

Text appears in the screen : Grosse-Île: where the past comes alive

Employees walk down the dock together


Black screen