Discover the journey made by hundreds of thousands of immigrants over a time span of 105 years. By following in their footsteps, you will better understand the extent of the sacrifices of these newcomers and the long journey that led them to this place.

  • In peak season (June 19 to September 2 2019), in addition to learning more about the must-sees of Grosse Île, you will choose a thematic tour according to your interests.
  • In shoulder season (May 1 to June 18 and September 3 to October 13), you will enjoy our guided tour of the three sectors and discover the must-sees of Grosse Île.
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  • Guided Tour: Explore the island

    <strong>Starting May 1st 2019: </strong> With a Parks Canada guide, relive more than a hundred years of immigration through the stories and buildings still present on the island. Follow in the footsteps of the tens of thousands of immigrants who passed through the island.

  • ​Nurse Sarah Wade's medical examination

    What was an immigrant's arrival like when the port of Québec was the main gateway to the country and Grosse île was an essential stop to be made before setting foot on the continent?

  • ​School programs

    We offer different learning activities for all cycles of primary and secondary. 

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