This activity is offered every day from June 22 to September 2 2019 at the Dauphine Redoubt, located in the Artillery Park.
Stay tuned for the 2020 schedule.

Experience the sumptuous lifestyle of British officers circa 1830. Sip a cup of Earl Grey tea while learning the daily news of the time. You will surely enjoy the anecdotes that will be shared, as they will certainly make you smile! During this unique activity, you will also be instructed in the art of serving proper English tea… while learning about 19th century etiquette. 

Join the Captain or the Lady for this 19th century English tradition! 

The grand tour package
This activity is offered alone or part as the grand tour package which aslo includes four guided tours.

This activity is offered from June 22 to September 2 2019.
Tea service and animation from 4 p.m to 5 p.m.
Stay tuned for the 2020 schedule.

Parks Canada is pleased to offer free admission for youth at our parks and sites, however regular fees still apply for other experiences and services, such as guided tours.

Activity only: $2.40 per person.

Fees (admission fees and taxes included):
Adult (18-64 years old): $6.30
Senior (65 years of age or over): $5.80
Youth (17 and under): $2.40
  • Location: Dauphine Redoubt, Artillery Park
  • Perfect for the family

No reservation required.

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