A taste of Nouvelle-France: treat yourself to a delectable exhibit!

The Flavours of New France: Treat Yourself to a Delectable Exhibit!

Bread, pumpkin, peas, chocolate and beer. Yum! The Fort is taking you by your tummy. The temporary exhibition A taste of Nouvelle-France will immerse you in the kitchens of the 17th and 18th centuries. You'll leave for home with a mini-book of recipes revisited by five renowned chefs including Ricardo and Bob the Chef.

Exhibition: Mr. Dion, a saviour of the fort!

A saviour at the fort poster. Exhibit poster

Discover an exhibition to showcase the efforts to preserve Fort Chambly by a visionary man named Joseph-Octave Dion. Filled with the burning desire to save a silent witness to the French presence in Canada, Dion begins, in 1866, to do all he can to ensure the fort's restoration.

The fort

Immerse yourself in history and you will remember all your life Immerse yourself in history and you will remember all your life

The fort presents thematic exhibitions that chronicle the history of New France.

Venture into the heart of the fort and discover its mysteries: its military role in various conflicts, the activities of its garrison, its relationship with the population of the Chambly seigneury, and its architectural evolution. Meet Joseph-Octave Dion, a resident of Chambly who became the great curator of the old fort.

Models, 3D recreations, sound clips, interactive terminals, artifacts and video clips are there to enliven the visit.