Three New France serious soldiers and a smiling costumed guide

Soldiers, keep up the rhythm!

A military drill from 1704 presented with background music

In the 18th century, the first military drills were introduced in France and in New France. They served to train soldiers to be efficient on a battlefield. Orderly and precise, the drills have rhythm… almost like a dance choreography. Come to see our soldiers keeping rhythm!

Duration: 20 minutes


Weapon mechanics

You heard the explosions and smelled the black powder during the musket shooting demonstration in the fort’s inner courtyard. Curious to know more about how these weapons work? One of our guides will be happy to teach you about the inner workings of these antique weapons: matchlock muskets, flintlock muskets, swivel guns and cannons.

Duration : 15 minutes

The Fort Chambly

History and architecture

Erected in 1711 to protect the colony from possible British invasions, Fort Chambly was built according to the principles of Vauban, a famous military engineer and architect under King Louis XIV.

Did you know that the fort was not always made of stone? Discover the history and architecture of Fort Chambly with our guide.

Guided visits begin in the central courtyard

Duration : 45 minutes

A visitor wearing a soldier’s uniform from the Carignan-Salières regiment
A visitor wearing a soldier’s uniform from the Carignan-Salières regiment

Dressed as a soldier

To wear the uniform was to be in the service of the King. But how did you become a soldier in France in the 17th and 18th centuries? And what life awaited those who crossed the Atlantic?

Will you earn the privilege of wearing the uniform... without the inconveniences of a soldier's life?

Duration : 30 minutes

Xplorers programm

Xplorers program

Xplorers program

The Xplorers program is dedicated to children visiting Parks Canada sites with their families. At Fort-Chambly, the Xplorers booklet takes the children on a hunt for clues, which are hidden in the exhibition rooms. Memorize the clues and find the secret password at the end to obtain a reward. Good luck!

Photo missions

Parka and Chipp are going in a photo mission

Parka and Chirp are inviting children to explore Fort-Chambly participating to a photo scavenger hunt. Once your missions are completed, you will receive a virtual reward.

It’s very easy!

  1. Use your iOS or Android device to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen and take a picture of each of the six elements presented that are of particular importance to Fort Chambly.
  3. When you have taken all the required photos, share them on social medias!

To learn more about how it works

Activities offered as part of the exhibition called Smuggling, outsmart the exhibition.

Bunch of kids discovering Smuggling, outsmart the exhibition
Bunch of kids discovering Smuggling, outsmart the exhibition

Learn all about smuggling!

Listen to the exhibition’s short introductions before beginning a life of crime as a smuggler. Discover the broad ramifications of illegal trade in the Richelieu Valley. What was the historical context? What goods were in high demand? Know what you’re getting yourself into!

Duration: 15 minutes

A young man seeking under a shrub

A skilled smuggler knows its territory

All good smugglers have excellent knowledge of the land they need to cross. Knowing the trails, topography, fauna, and flora can make the difference between a successful and failed expedition. To enhance your knowledge, go in front of the fort and look for a small area that has been developed to resemble the forested territory of New France.

Duration: 15 minutes

A kid carrying a pelt bale in front of a Parks Canada guide

Outsmart the fort’s soldiers

A game for the whole family

In this game, you’re a smuggler on the run! Avoid the fort’s soldiers and escape with your bundle of goods. Rely on your agility and the speed of your team members to beat your competitors.

Saturdays and Sundays from June 22 to August 18

Duration: 15 minutes

Groups activities (reservation only)

The fort and its architecture
Uncover the secrets of the military architecture of the era

History and architecture

Built in 1711 to protect the colony from a possible British invasion, Fort Chambly is based on the principles of Vauban, King Louis XIV’s engineer.

Discover this fortification in the company of a heritage interpreter. Visits begin in the middle of the courtyard.

Duration: 75 minutes

Fees: $7.30

Discovery visit

General introducton ot the Fort Chambly followed by a free visit of the exposition rooms.

Accompanied by a heritage presenter discover this fortification. Visits start in the centre of the courtyard.

Duration: 45 minutes

Fees: $4.90