"Spring Fest" Opening Event

Saturday, May 20th
We dance at the Spring Festival! We dance at the Spring Festival!

We dance at the Spring Festival!
May-pole plantation ceremony

Fort Chambly is opening its doors for a new season in a joyful way. Join the traditional Maypole plantation ceremony with hosts dressed in period costumes alongside the lord of the land. Musicians and dancers will be on location to teach you how to dance around the Maypole.

Canada Day

July, 1st

Free admission

Young family in a picnic Family picnic at Fort Chambly

Family Picnic “I love my Fort”

Saturday July 8th 2017
11 am - 3 pm

You are invited to a family picnic at the Park of the Fort Chambly to celebrate another important event: the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada’s national historic sites. Let’s unfold the checkered tablecloths along the Fort!

Our wish is to consolidate, through this event, the special relationship you maintain with Fort Chambly. It is at the very heart of the lives of the citizens and it is part of a thousand of stories… and we would love to hear them!

Badge I love my Fort Badge I love my Fort

On Saturday July 8th, we will collect your memories: bring your photos and your testimonies! We will share them on an interactive terminal during the exhibition devoted to Mister Joseph-Octave Dion.

In case of rain, the testimonies will be collected inside the fort and the picnic will not take place.

Special animation of the weekend: the Art of Ancient Fencing

July 29 and 30, 2017
12 am to 5 pm

The musketeers of La Garde du Lys introduce you to the art of ancient fencing. Challenge yourself and test your fighting skills by wielding the foil!

Special animation for the weekend: the Art of Spruce Beer

August 5 and 6, 2017
1 pm to 5 pm

Emmanuel Nivon invites you to discover the world of spruce beer by meeting the '' cabaretier '', who will present you the indispensable to do his job well, essential in the 18th century.

Big Celebrations

St. Louis Day and the "Artistes sur le Champ" Symposium

The Saint-Louis Dayand the Artistes sur le Champ symposium
A wide range of activities that will have you enjoying a great time
Friday, August 18th - 7:30 pm

Historical lecture "A hidden treasure ... a plan dating from 1824" presented by André Gousse followed by the unveiling of the new illumination of this magnificent national treasure.

The conference is an initiative of the la Société d'histoire de la seigneurie de Chambly in collaboration with the Ville de Chambly and Parks Canada

Saturday and Sunday, August 19th to 20th

Enjoy a full weekend of special events offered free of charge* at the Park of the Fort Chambly National Historic Site to celebrate St. Louis Day and the 22nd edition of the Artistes sur le Champ Symposium. This event is presented by Parks Canada in collaboration with the City of Chambly.

Stroll through the historic military camp animated by the Garnison de Québec and the Compagnie de Canonniers-Bombardiers de Québec. Enjoy the many activities:

  • Canon firing at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and 2:45 pm.
  • Strolling music by the La Sainte-Barbe trio from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Demonstrators of crafts from bygone days: Blacksmith and pitsawyers
  • Animation on wampums and traditional Mohawk way of life
  • Animation on New France costumes with André Gousse and Diane Bouchard (inside the fort)

"Artistes sur le Champ" Symposium
More than fifty artists with varying styles exhibit their work at the enchanting Fort Chambly site in addition to creating live and interacting with the public.


  • Play area
  • Temporary tattoo area (free)
  • Food court with street food trucks

Special animation for the weekend: the Art of food conservation in New France

August 26 and 27 2017
10 am to 4:30 pm

André Gousse and Diane Bouchard invite you to discover the tips of the inhabitants of New France to prepare and conserve food during the harvest period.

The Harvest Celebration / Journées de la Culture

October 1st, from 12 pm to 4 pm
The Harvest Celebration / Culture days

Come and celebrate the Journées de la culture at Fort Chambly. A range of activities and presentations for both young and old will be offered.

There will be a presentation in the fort's heritage garden given by an expert on heirloom vegetable varieties, fun and educational apple-themed food workshops, as well as a squash cookie tasting activity hosted by the local organization that receives the fort's harvest. Testimonials will also be collected for the interactive station located in the exhibition, Mr. Dion, a saviour of the fort. During your visit, be sure to drop in and see A taste of Nouvelle-France, an exhibition that showcases five foods that were commonly enjoyed by French soldiers and are still popular to this day. The event is hosted by Parks Canada in collaboration with the city of Chambly

Admission is free.