From June 22 to August 11, 2019

This summer, contemporary art will be featured in the living room of Sir George-Étienne Cartier’s home, the only Victorian-style interior you can visit in Montreal. Interdisciplinary artist Jocelyn Robert will be presenting a work of audio art as part of Period Rooms, an art experimentation carried out in partnership with VOX ‒ Centre de l’image contemporaine. Inspired by the “O Canada! mon pays! mes amours!” musical score, a song composed by Cartier himself, Jocelyn Robert wanted to spark a reflection on the memory of an illustrious figure and on what is left of it over time.

This artwork is part of a circuit of eight artistic interventions taking place at the Château Dufresne, the Château Ramezay, the Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, the Molinari Foundation and VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine.