"A Victorian Christmas"

Learn about the history of Christmas traditions and symbols with an extraordinary visit to the Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site!

A luster and a floral bouquet

From November 18th to December 29th.

Duration: 90 minutes

  • Reservation needed
  • Group of adults (maximum of 50 people)
A victorian table dressed for the Christmas' Eve

Fees: $7.30 (taxes included)

Payment by credit card, debit, billing, cheque, cash

A Victorian Christmas tree

Types of experiences for the visitors:

  • Discover the elegant Victorian residence of a great Canadian politician, Sir George-Étienne Cartier.
  • Learn more about the history of 19th-century traditions that we still cherish today.
  • Let us tell you all about the customs of Réveillon, gift-giving and decorating.
  • Explore the meaning and understand the reasons behind this holiday, which transcends cultures and is celebreated in many countries.

The rooms are beautifully decorated, the candles are lit the table is set. Enter the magical world of Christmas in the home of a prosperous 19th century and help with the final festive preparations!

Two young women taking a selfie together

Annick Guérin
Team Leader, Visitor’s Experience
Email: pc.cartier.pc@canada.ca
Telephone: 514-283-2282

Additional information

  1. Group of adults only (maximum of 50 people)
  2. Activities animated by Parks Canada interpretive guide
  3. Visit length: 90 minutes
  4. The National Historic Site is located in the heart of Old Montreal.
  5. The program takes place in the 19th-century bourgeois interior.
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The warm interior decor of a Victorian house
  • Available in English and French
  • Suitable for large groups (maximum 50 people)
  • Fully accessible for people with limited mobility
  • Reservation required
  • Motorcoach parking available
  • Washrooms on site
  • Gift shop
  • Back yard