Commemorative integrity statement

(Excerpt of the Commemorative integrity statement of Coteau-du Lac National Historic Site of Canada, 2003, Parks Canada, page 6. This document is available only in French)

According to the National Historic Site Policy, the Commemorative Integrity Statement identifies the National Historic Site cultural resources and objectives to ensure that they are not impaired or under threat, interpretive messages and learning objectives. At the core of the management plan are strategies and actions to ensure that these resources are protected and the public understands the reasons of the site significance. The Commemorative Integrity Statement forms the primary accountability for evaluating how well the National Historic Site is being managed.

The objectives of commemoration are an important part of the commemorative integrity statement. Here are Coteau-du Lac National Historic Site of Canada objectives of commemoration according to the Commemorative Integrity Statement document:

  • It is the site of one the oldest locked canals in North America
  • From 1778 to the mid-19th century, it was a British military post which defended the corridor and facilitated the transportation of goods on the Saint-Lawrence River
  • It was a strategic point during the American Revolution and during the War of 1812
  • It was for many years the chief port of entry for imports to Upper Canada