Fort Gaillard 2019: The guardians of the Fort! 

Tree kids rolling wood barrels on the grass
Games, races... assured fun for all!

Fort Gaillard is a dynamic way to help discover history. Come to run. Come to laugh. Come to play!

The Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site is located 40 kilometres from Montreal towards South-West, on the shore of the St-Lawrence River. Here, every step you take, you are walking on 7000 years of history.

Types of experiences for the visitors

  • Take part in “Fort Gaillard,” a game in which the most resourceful participants discover hidden treasures!
  • Players have to compete in a series of trials of which the goal is to collect as many keys as possible to increase their chances of opening the treasure chest.

Additional information

  • This essentially play-centred program of activities emphasizes fun, teamwork and pushing one’s limits.
  • Which team – the blue, red, green or yellow team – will open the treasure chest?
  • Public: between 6 and 12 years of age (adapted course for various age groups)
  • Languages: French and English
  • Period: June, July and August
  • Fees: $7.30 (taxes included)
    Payment by credit card, debit, billing, cheque, cash.


  • Bus drop-off area
  • Activities animated by Parks Canada interpretive guide
  • Marquee, picnic tables

Reservations and information

Hélène D'amours
Interpretation Officer / Coordinator
450-763-5631 or 1-888-773-8888

Download the guide (PDF, 4,5 MB) (French only)