Pick up your shoreline cleanup kit now

Take in the beautiful view, collect plastic waste and litter, and record what you find.

Make a difference and be a part of the solution to plastic pollution. You will become a citizen scientist and the information on what litter you collect will help Parks Canada identify the sources and work to stop them.


  • June 4 to October 10, 2022
  • All ages - gather your friends or family
  • Any group from 1 to 30 people
  • Free activity

How to get started

Shoreline cleanup kit

The cleanup kit includes:

  • gloves
  • data sheet
  • clipboard
  • pencil 
  • bucket
  • scale

Safety first!

Make sure you have all your safety gear handy: sturdy gloves, bucket, first aid kit, hand sanitizer and sunscreen.

If you find something sharp or a needle, don’t pick it up! Let an employee who has the proper equipment for this type of waste know.

For more information visit the "Plastic pollution" Web page