Remember that you are sharing the path with hundreds of cyclists, in-line skaters, walkers and runners. By adopting responsible behaviour, you minimize the risk of an accident.

Before you leave

  • Inspect your bicycle regularly, check the condition of the brakes and tires, and ensure that it is equipped with the mandatory visibility equipment. A bicycle in good condition will allow you to travel efficiently and safely. 
  • If you ride in the dark, think about equipping your bicycle with headlights: they will light up the path and help other users see you clearly.
  • Wear a helmet and any other safety equipment appropriate for your activity.
  • Power-assisted bicycles or electric bicycles equipped with a running board, an open frame or a flat floor, commonly referred to as electric scooter, are prohibited on the path.

On the path

Visit the page The path. I love. I share. to learn about the rules to follow on the path.

In the spring and fall, watch out for black ice, especially when approaching tunnels or in shaded areas.