Visitor safety is a top priority for Parks Canada and the Agency takes all the necessary measures to ensure that visitors of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site have a safe and enjoyable experience, in addition to protecting the heritage value of the site.

The management measures put in place by Parks Canada, such as the presence of field personnel and signage, help preserve a sound atmosphere while making the cohabitation between the different users of the site more harmonious. Caution is always advised to help maintain the safety of the site and reduce the risk of incidents.

For general information about how to stay safe when enjoying the outdoors, visit AdventureSmart.

Use of drones


Lachine Canal National Historic Site is located in a controlled airspace.

If you need to use a drone, please refer to the Drones at the historic canals and waterways webpage

To plan your visit at the Lachine Canal, browse the links found below.

All Parks Canada places are ‘no drone zones’ for recreational use. If you do not possess a permit or special permission to fly your drone in a Parks Canada place, please leave your drone at home.

Learn more about our drone usage rules.

Non-motorized boats

Canoes and kayaks are welcome on the canal. Learn these tricks before launching your boat.

Canal’s path users

Minimize the risk of an accident by adopting these simple and responsible behaviour.

Locking through safely

Consult the technical data and the procedures to take when locking through.

During the winter

Parks Canada wishes to remind users to be cautious at all times when using the banks of the Lachine Canal in the winter, as the snow-covered surfaces can be slippery. For areas offering maintained trails in winter, please visit the Winter Activities section.

The use of shoes adapted to winter conditions can help to reduce the risk of falling. Avoid crossing railings and keep at a safe distance from the canal walls to avoid slipping.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to venture on the ice that forms on the Lachine Canal in winter and to practice ice skating.

In case of emergency

Call 911