Map of the Old-Port of Montréal Area giving the location of streets, roads, railways, pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as the boundaries of Parks Canada land and the different planning areas. From West to East, locations are given for: Former Caledonian Iron Works, Lofts Corticelli, Archaeological park, Saint-Gabriel Lock, Former Canada Jute, Nordelec (Northern Telecom), Supply weir, Centre du Design (Northern Eletric), Former Redpath Sugar, Future Des Postes basin, Ferme Saint-Gabriel site, Canada Posts, Basin No. 2, Agmont (Canadian Switch and Spring), April Cornell (Asbestos Covering), Wellington bridge, CN- Port bridge, CN-Wellington bridge, Wellington basin (today, and in the future), Cereal Foods Canada, Peel Basin and Flour Basins, Former Crathern & Caverhill), Canal compound, Basin No. 2, Penn warehouse, Buchanan warehouse, ADM (Ogilvie Flour Mills), Former William Busby Lambe warehouse, Former Terminal Warehousing, Old-Port Lock No. 2, Mill bridge, Basin No. 1 (North and South), Dividing island, Maison des éclusiers, Old-Port Lock No. 1, Windmill Point Basin and Alexandra BasinCultural Resources, Old-Port of Montréal Area

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