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Do you want to have a camping experience but you would like a little helping hand? Reserve your place in Parks Canada's Learn to Camp program offered in collaboration with MEC!

Each event presents workshops to teach the basics of camping such as how to pitch a tent or cook in the outdoors. In addition to having a great time, participants will have an opportunity to learn alongside experts.

Learn-to Camp with Parks Canada


Parka, Parks Canada mascot, is posing for a photo with two fathers and their children.

Title: Learn to camp

A mother and her daughter are building a tent. There's a beautiful view of some tall flowers beside them.

A Parks Canada employee is helping some people put a fly on their tent.

Title: From coast to coast this summer!

Three boys are playing with some tent poles on the ground.

In the tent, a big sister is telling her younger sister, who is outside the tent, to give her a bag.

A mother and daughter are walking along a path that goes through the camp site. Tents sit right beside the path.

A table full of camping gear including stoves and small gas tanks.

A family of 5 is talking to a Parks Canada employee who is leading a cooking activity.

A Parks Canada employee is demontration to a large group how to set up and light up a fire.

A group of participants is going on a hike over a rock surrounde by trees.

Five people are walking on a path surrounded by trees and wildlife.

A group of guys are playing soccer at the camp site.

A Parks Canada employee is leading a group into song with added arm movements.

A Parks Canada employee is playing the bango accompanied by a large group singing. Many tents surround them.

It's night time and three kids are roasting marshmallows on the fire.

Title: Where memories are made

The credits come up showing the Parks Canada Logo along with MEC.

Title: Join us!

parkscanada.gc.ca/learntocamp 1-888-773-8888 The credits come up showing Parks Canada Logo along with MEC.

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How to get to the Raceway bank

Metro Square Victoria-OACI (a 15-minute walk)
Bus: 75 or 715
Lachine Canal bike path
Mill Parking (paid)

Information514 240-8693, pc.initiationcamping-learntocamp.pc@canada.ca