Each unit comes with:

  • a double mattress and four single mattresses on three sleeping surfaces separated by curtains (pillows included);
  • a table that can accommodate up to six people and a storage cabinet containing all the equipment necessary for preparing and serving meals for six people (including plates, bowls, cups, glasses, wine cups, coffee percolator, utensils, pots, pans, strainer, cutting board, can opener, bottle opener, kitchen tools, and dishes);
  • a rechargeable battery-powered lantern, LED lighting and a USB port for recharging small electronic devices, both powered by solar energy;
  • a broom and dust pan;
  • four camping chairs for outside.

Please note: there is no electricity, plumbing or running water in the units.

Outdoor common areas:

  • washrooms with toilets and showers;
  • a kitchen shelter including barbecues for cooking (includes tools and propane);
  • outdoor sink for washing dishes;
  • picnic tables.

Other services:

  • bedding rental (including bath towels and dish towels);
  • carts available for transporting your luggage from the drop-off point;
  • ice is sold at the reception unit.