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A must-see tourist attraction in western Montreal, the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal National Historic Site is a waterway maked with over 150 years of history. It is also a verdant place offering spaces for walks and relaxation. By 2020, over $14 million will be invested to protect this valued site and to ensure safe, high-quality visitor experiences.

During the work, navigation in the canal will be maintained at all times. Rare obstructions may occur in the navigation channel, but infrastructure work will be conducted in such a way as to have minimal or no impact on boat activities.

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Work zone
Closed section

West jetty

Repairing sections of the jetty’s walls, installing structural concrete slabs, curbs and guardrails, building pedestrian trails and installing new lampposts. The jetty’s surface will also be replaced with concrete and wood inserts, as these materials are more resistant to spring freshets and flooding.

Period: May to November 2020

Impact: Section closed to visitors

Proponent: Government of Canada.

Notice to users: Please comply with onsite signage and choose other areas of the site for your activities.

Please consult the press release and the rehabilitation of the canal page for more details.