Visit this 360-degree photo tour of the interior of Province House to catch a glimpse inside the building during this conservation project.

Phase 2 of the Province House conservation project has begun. The following work will take place over the fall of 2018.


  • Worker protection and scaffolding is being put in place.
  • Existing slate tiles are being removed from roof deck.
  • Roof is being inspected.
  • Temporary roofing is being installed


  • Windows have been catalogued and crated as part of phase 1.
  • These windows have been shipped to workshop for restoration.
  • Window mock ups will be completed by the end of October.
  • Two windows will be restored by students from Holland College’s Heritage Retrofit Carpentry program. 


  • Masonry work and work on portico foundations expected to start November 1st.
  • Two shipments stone have been ordered, with the first one due at the end of October and second due 3 to 4 weeks later. Each contains approximately 8 cubic meters of stone.
  • Masonry contractor will begin by doing mock ups for stone, mortar and cleaning.