During the summer of 2018, thousands of visitors experienced Province House: Virtual Reality, an interactive and fully immersive exhibit that offered an experience of Province House like never before.

The exhibit provided visitors with a glimpse of Province House National Historic Site as it stood before conservation work began and after the building had been emptied of its furnishings. Visitors virtually strolled the halls, explored the great chambers, and even deconstructed a wall to learn more about the reasons for the current conservation project.

Experiencing this virtual reality tour was fun and easy! Visitors sat comfortably with both feet on the floor and placed the virtual reality headset on their head with the goggles over their eyes. Two hand controllers allowed visitors to explore the site virtually.

Youth engagement was key in developing this innovative way to provide visitors with unique access to Province House, through an ongoing partnership between Parks Canada and the University of Prince Edward Island. 

Province House: Virtual Reality was designed and produced in collaboration with students from the University of Prince Edward Island’s Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering. This unique program has a project-based curriculum that focuses on the engineering design process. 

Over 1,300 hours were spent by the design team in planning, testing, and developing this immersive experience.  Additional hours were spent by students from the Animation Studies program at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, who digitally re-created the building’s interior.

Plans are underway for next season, so stay tuned to learn how you can try Province House: Virtual Reality yourself in the future!

In the meantime, check out this video, made by our partners at the University of Prince Edward Island, to learn more about how this virtual reality experience was developed.