Here at Green Gables, we love to get our visitors involved in the site as much as possible. We have hidden four geocaches for you to find!

N 46° 29.376 W 063° 22.574

Green Gables Heritage Place

Island author Lucy Maud Montgomery used this site as the home for a little red haired girl called Anne of Green Gables. This house was owned by the cousins that Montgomery visited as a child. The site of her childhood home is located nearby and is part of a bigger site called L.M. Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site. Green Gables became part of Prince Edward Island National Park in 1937 and her relatives stayed at the house for another nine years.

Clue: Medium size evergreen

N 46° 29.097 W 063° 22.894

Balsam Hollow Trail

Lucy Maud Montgomery loved nature. Here deep in the woods she loved, try to listen and watch for birds, squirrels and chipmunks. They all inspired the famous book Anne of Green Gables.

Clue: Below where one would ascend

N 46° 29.260 W 063° 22.767

Haunted Woods Trail

L.M. Montgomery used these woods, as a child, to travel from her grandparent’s home to her cousins’ house at Green Gables. Her love of nature and her creative imagination made these woods come alive.

Listen carefully, what do you hear?

Clue: Below one of the big pine trees just past the golf course

N 46° 29.376 W 063° 22.574

National Treasure

A young L.M. Montgomery once walked along the old path of her grandparent's homestead on her way to visit her cousins. Little did she know, thousands would relive her walk through the woods each year on their way to what is now a cultural landmark.

Clue: Tall double stump, ground level