On Prince Edward Island’s north shore, Dalvay-by-the-Sea is at the eastern end of Prince Edward Island National Park, a rustic yet elegant summer home built by Alexander McDonald, a wealthy American businessman, in 1896. It overlooks both a freshwater lake and the sea along the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Its stunning architecture of steep roofs, numerous dormers and gables, ornate spindlework, surfaces of contrasting colour and texture and a wrap-around balcony have earned it National Historic Site status as a representative example of a Victorian home constructed in the Queen Anne Revival style. Also of importance is the generous use of local materials in construction such as Island- sandstone on the exterior and Island lumber, cedar and spruce throughout.

Although within a national park, Dalvay is privately leased and operates as a luxury waterfront resort and restaurant in summer when visitors can dine and overnight amid impressive decor. Day visitors can also tour Dalvay’s interior and spend the day relaxing on the scenic grounds.