Groups visiting the house are treated to a sample of cake or cookies baked in the century-old cookstove, a costume talk, and a tour of the historic house. A flowered straw hat, delicate lace gloves, corsets, and high button boots are just some of the Victorian fashions described by costumed interpreters during your bus tour program at Woodside.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's tenth and longest serving prime minister spent some of his most memorable boyhood years at this splendid home on the outskirts of Berlin (now Kitchener), Ontario. Carefully restored to the year 1891, the home contains close to three hundred King family possessions including a china wash-set hand painted by Isabel King.

Fee: General admission plus $7.30

Program length is one hour.

Picnic facilities are available on our picturesque grounds.


All education visits must be arranged in advance. To make a reservation, call 519-571-5684 or email