Enlist in the Royal Artillery for a day! Recruits will spend their time training to be a member of the cannon crew. Feel the surge of adrenalin as you fire a 19th century muzzle-loading cannon. This experience includes hands-on involvement, and a souvenir.

*Participants must be 18 years +. Booked from June to Sept by reservation, 613-925-2896
Program Fee, (one hour) $73.60

Fire A Cannon!


Animated Sequence: Parks Canada intro

Rhythm music.

Take position at the gun.

Gunners snap to attention

Tend vent

ventsman tends vent

worm piece

gunner puts worm down barrel

advance sponge

gunner prepares sponge

sponge piece

Gunner puts sponge down barrel.

handle cartridge

Gunner brings cartridge to front, it is placed in the muzzle.

ram down cartridge

Cartrdige is rammed down barrel.


Ventsman primes gun.

Prepare to fire.

Gunners step away from the cannon.


Cannon is fired 5 times.

Onscreen text: Fire A Cannon at Fort Wellington

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