Construction of lock 5 - Trent

Lock 5 is located just south of the Village of Frankford. Another one of the restored Waterway lockmaster houses is found at this location and serves as the lock station office and houses public washrooms. Ample large trees provide good shade.


Lockstation Details

Chart:  2021

Km: 10.3 km (mile 6.4)

Lock Length: 46.9 m (154 ft)

Width: 9.7 m (32 ft)

Average Lift: 5.5 m (18 ft)

Length of stay: 5 night maximum

GPS Coordinates: 44°11'07.6"N 77°35'30.3"W

Hours and Services

Lockstation Hours of Operation

Information symbol Information
Accessible toilets Accessible Washroom
Picnic Picnic Area
Camp fire Fire pits
Local facilities and services
Contact us
Lock 5 – Trent Telephone:
(613) 398 - 7018

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