Meyers Dam 8 at Lock 9

This project includes the mechanization of four currently inoperable sluices and the strengthening of dam piers, as well as public and operator safety improvements. These actions will improve the dam’s overall operational effectiveness, and water management capabilities.

Ranney Falls Lock 11/12

Separate projects near the Ranney Falls lock will lead to many improvements in the coming years. Project work includes the replacement of the gate hinges on the steel gates and the  replacement of the valves at the flight lock. The water flow capacity of Dam 10 at Ranney Falls has been assessed, and two new sluices will be constructed.

Ranney Falls Dam 10 

The rehabilitation of Ranney Falls Dam 10 will include the construction of  two additional sluices on the west end of the dam , a new dam control building, electrical upgrades and improvements to public safety features at the site including guardrails and signage. The newly expanded dam will increase the water discharge capacity, and  improve water management capabilities which will reduce the likelihood of flooding. 

Campbellford Dam at Lock 13 Rehabilitation 

This project will rehabilitate the Campbellford Dam to improve, maintenance access, site stability, flow capacity and operability. This includes but is not limited to the replacement of steel and timber gates as mechanized gates, rehabilitation and repair of concrete as required, and increasing the height of earth dams.

Crowe Bay Dam Mechanization & Lock 14 Bridge Replacement

The construction project at Crowe Bay includes the installation of four mechanized gates, modifications to downstream embankments, installation of a back-up generator for dam operations, and improvements to public safety at the site.  As well, the project includes the full replacement of the headrace bridge leading to the lockstation from the East side (County Road 38).

Healey Falls Locks 15, 16/17 Rehabilitation

Multi-year concrete rehabilitation work began at Healey Falls Lock 15 in October 2013. Since that time there has been significant concrete work completed at Lock 15 and flight lock 16/17, including the re-facing of Lock 15 walls, and full replacement of the East Lock 17 wall.

Hastings Swing Bridge Replacement

The swing bridge in the Village of Hastings, located on County Road 45, at Lock 18, has been replaced and opened to vehicle traffic close to a month ahead of schedule. Construction began on January 4th and, at that time, the bridge was scheduled to be open to traffic in mid-May 2016. The replacement of the swing bridge is an important investment, which now provides a new structure with a 75-year lifespan, at the heart of the Hastings community.

August 22, 2017 - Community Update: Update on Infrastructure Work - Quinte West and Trent Hills (PDF, 546 KB) 

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