February 12, 2020 - Community Update: Dam Demolition to Begin

The Dam at Lock 38 was originally constructed in 1908 and has only undergone one minor rehabilitation since then. This project entails planning and procurement of specialized design services and then subsequent work undertaken in the coming years. Investigations conducted over the winter of 2017 determined that the Dam at Lock 38 will require a replacement.

Some geotechnical work to provide information for the project took place at this dam and on nearby watercourses in the Fall and Winter of 2016, geotechnical work provides important information about the composition and integrity of soils and other materials like concrete. This information is used to plan the design of projects and structures. There are many ways of obtaining information such as this: test pits dug with an excavator, boreholes in earth or rock using drill rig and auger, concrete core sampling with a smaller drill rig or portable system, or even seizmic sounding line. Impact to individuals when this takes place is generally be limited to short-term vehicular lane closures where access is difficult, short-term equipment noise, or an air horn-like blast when seizmic sounding is used. At the Dam at Lock 38, this work has included taking core samples on the dam structure itself and along both river banks adjacent to the dam and lock.

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