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Boundary Swing Bridge 44 Rehabilitation | Near Bolsover, City of Kawartha Lakes

Boundary Road Swing Bridge was built in 1902 and has undergone some minor recapitalization over the years, such as deck and structural steel replacement. A consultant will be retained to complete a comprehensive investigation and prepare preliminary design options to identify additional rehabilitation requirements for this asset.

Dam at Lock 37 Replacement | City of Kawartha Lakes

The Bolsover Dam at Lock 37 is a mass concrete gravity structure with a height of 12.3 m (maximum at the piers) and length of 68 m. The difference in water levels between upstream and downstream of the dam is approximately 6.7 m. The dam is located adjacent to Lock 37 on the Trent-Severn Waterway – a part of what is known as the historic Talbot section. The relatively unchanged appearance and operation of this section of man-made canal between Lake Simcoe and Balsam Lake is one of the reasons that the Trent-Severn Waterway is designated a National Historic Site.

Dam at Lock 38 Replacement | Near Bolsover 

The Dam at Lock 38 was originally constructed in 1908 and has only undergone one minor rehabilitation since then. This project entails planning and procurement of specialized design services and then subsequent work undertaken in the coming years. Investigations conducted over the winter of 2017 determined that the Dam at Lock 38 will require a replacement.

Talbot Dam Replacement | Near Gamebridge

The Talbot Dam was originally constructed in 1905 and has only undergone one minor rehabilitation since then. Investigations conducted have determined that this dam requires replacement.

Talbot Earth Dam Repairs | Talbot Area  

Earth embankment dams across the watershed have been identified for rehabilitation or upgrades that may include repairs to washouts, removal of vegetation undermining their strength, and height increases.

Concrete Rehabilitation, Locks 39 - 41

The concrete lock and approach walls at Locks 39 – 41 will be refaced and/or replaced over the non-navigation season of the next few years. Nearby residents may notice more trucking activity as debris is hauled away and concrete is poured over the winter months. 

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