As a part of an historic investment program along the Trent-Severn Waterway, work to replace both the fixed and swing portions of the Hamlet Bridge on the Severn River is currently anticipated to begin during Summer 2018. The Hamlet Bridge is located at the intersection of Canning Road and Peninsula Point Road, and connects the townships of Severn and Gravenhurst. 

Hamlet fixed bridge in the foreground, connected to the Hamlet Swing Bridge.
Hamlet fixed bridge in the foreground, connected to the Hamlet Swing Bridge. 
Extensive inspections and repairs over the last number of years have led to the decision to fully replace both the fixed and swing portions of the bridge. The bridges will be replaced with those of a similar look, to preserve the historic landscape of the area. The new bridges will have an upgraded capacity for service and emergency vehicles.

Due to their condition, the road abutments and east pier will be fully replaced. The mechanical and electrical systems of the bridge will be upgraded. As well, the bridge and the bridge operator’s building will be raised to reduce the risk of immersion of mechanical components during high water events. This will increase the lifespan and reliability of these components.


The construction schedule is tentative at this time. The bridge is currently scheduled to be closed to vehicle traffic in mid-August 2018, and re-opened in early June 2019, with contractors mobilizing to the site shortly before construction begins. Every effort will be made to keep the road closure to a minimum. Parks Canada will provide further updates as details regarding the period of closure become available.

Boat navigation will continue throughout the normal operating season of Victoria Day weekend in May, until Thanksgiving in October. Dust and noise associated with construction can be expected. To reduce the public impact, the bridge will be constructed off-site, while other work is completed on-site.

About the Hamlet Bridges

The Hamlet Bridge is actually two bridges connected. The fixed portion was constructed in 1905 with a length of 30 metres. This Pratt Truss style bridge was originally located downstream, but moved upstream to meet the swing portion in 1922. The swing portion of the bridge, constructed in 1915, is a Warren Truss bridge style and is 60 metres long. The swing portion is operated mechanically and serves to pass boats through the Trent-Severn Waterway from the Victoria Day weekend in May, until the Thanksgiving weekend in October.

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