Brighton Road Swing Bridge Replacement 

Spanning the Murray Canal, the Brighton Swing Bridge is being replaced by Parks Canada with one that has a full highway load rating and no restrictions for emergency and service vehicles. Additional investments have enabled Parks Canada to upgrade the current bridge to a two lane structure. The new bridge will allow the simultaneous flow of traffic in both directions and will meet current highway load standards, meaning the existing load restrictions will be removed once the project is complete.

Trenton Dam 1 Replacement

Trenton Dam 1 was constructed in 1913, and has had very little intervention since that time. The dam is comprised of 18 bays, is 222 metres in length and is operated with a total of 186 logs. This project to replace the dam will improve public safety at this site, enhance operations and improve water management capabilities.

All projects in this area will include recommended environmental mitigation measures resulting from a multi-organization committee that has examined Species at Risk habitat including Channel Darter.  

Glen Miller Dam 3 and Lock 3 Replacement 

The Glen Miller Dam 3 was built in 1910 will be replaced over the next two years. The downstream dam-side embankment at Glen Miller Lock 3 will be rehabilitated to control erosion.

March 14, 2019 - Community Update: Site Preparation 

Frankford Dam 6 at Lock 6 Rehabilitation

Frankford Dam 6 will undergo a rehabilitation which will improve the overall operational reliability of the dam. Concrete repairs will be undertaken on the retaining walls and work will be done to strengthen and enhance the earth embankments. Additional measures will also be taken to improve the public safety elements of this dam. 

A construction manager and prime consultant have now been hired, and more information regarding a schedule for onsite work will be provided to the public in the coming months. 

Glen Ross Lock 7 and Swing Bridge Rehabilitation

The Glen Ross Swing Bridge and Lock, built in 1909, has undergone rehabilitation. The bridge’s mechanical and electrical drive systems were  replaced and it underwent structural steel repairs, timber deck replacement, and repainting. The bridge was also upgraded from a 15 tonne load limit rating to a level 1 highway load rating. The lock received overall concrete re-facing to improve its condition and the canal approach walls were repaired.

Rehabilitation of Glen Ross Dam 7 Electrical

The Glen Ross Dam 7 will undergo upgrades to the electrical system to improve the operation and reliability of the mechanical gates, thereby improving water management capabilities.

Southern Sector Concrete Rehabilitation

Project description: Concrete repairs are required on various dams, walls and other concrete structures. These structures include: the breakwater at Trenton Lock 1, the lock and canal walls at Healey Falls, the canal and lock walls at Hagues Reach Lock 10, the lock walls at Percy Reach Lock 8, and the lock walls at Meyers Lock 9. Additional miscellaneous structures will also be repaired.

August 22, 2017 - Community Update: Update on Infrastructure Work - Quinte West and Trent Hills (PDF, 546 KB)

More Information: For questions or concerns, or to receive email updates, please contact us at and include “Quinte West” in the subject heading, or reference a specific project.