April 6th, 2019 - Nassau Guard Gate: Gate Installation 

The Nassau Guard Gate project will result in the installation of protective gates within the canal just north of Nassau Mills road and the creation of an earthen berm closely following the contours of that road. The Guard Gate would be used in the case of a major flooding event and would redirect water to the Otonabee River, protecting the homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure adjacent to the canal.

Gate installation Gates being installed

While the gates would also be preventatively closed in the winter time, a built in bypass would enable some flow to maintain familiar water levels in the canal from Thompsons Bay to the area north of Parkhill Road. This minimal flow will help to protect important wetlands and fish habitat as well as the known fish spawning grounds in Thompsons Creek.

Parks Canada is a world leader in conservation and our infrastructure projects follow rigorous standards for environmental protection. Prior to starting work an extensive investigation was conducted that identified areas of concern and proposed necessary environmental mitigations.  This included a habitat assessment, a species at risk survey, and an environmental impact assessment.  Additionally, a site specific environmental management plan was created that includes monitoring and enforcement to ensure environmental mitigations are followed.

The Nassau Guard Gate project was put out to tender in late November 2017 and reached the construction phase in February 2018. Current estimates have the work being complete in Spring/Summer 2019.

The first phase of work will see the earthworks completed while the specially designed gates are fabricated. In the second phase the gates will be installed and the remaining elements of the structure completed.

Following construction the site will be restored to its status as a green community space and the walking trails re-established. The restoration plan will include replanting as well as seeding the new earth berm with tall grasses and wild flowers.

Public safety is a priority for Parks Canada and the investment into the Nassau Guard Gate is an integral part of flood mitigation for the community. Furthermore, as part of its ongoing work in the Peterborough area, Parks Canada will be improving the trails alongside the canal and will be working with the City of Peterborough to incorporate these trails into the municipal network.

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