Scotts Mills Dam Replacement | Peterborough

The Scotts Mills Dam at Lock 19 will be fully replaced with a new dam that respects the historic look of the site and has a life expectancy of more than 80 years. The new dam will optimize hydraulic capacity, increase the safety of water management operations, and be constructed in a way that allows improved access for maintenance activities. In addition, the project will be the first step in creating a more public friendly lock site, with pedestrian access onto the dam itself restored.

Maria Street Swing Bridge Rehabilitation | Peterborough

Rehabilitation work will include the replacement of structural members, upgrading of components and repainting of the bridge structure.

Rehabilitation of Peterborough Lift Lock | Peterborough

The Peterborough Lift Lock is a national historic site in its own right and an iconic feature along the Trent-Severn Waterway. After undergoing a comprehensive review, the Peterborough Lift Lock will undergo replacement, resealing and realignment of components that hold the tub. Work also includes upper reach concrete repairs, mechanical upgrades and replacement of the elevator. Overall, this project will ensure sustainability of Peterborough Lift Lock and increase the overall safety for operators and visitors alike.

Earth Dam Repairs | Peterborough

Public safety is a priority for Parks Canada. As such, work is being done to rehabilitate and strengthen earth dams in the Peterborough area. Earth dams are vital for flood mitigation and therefore the safety of visitors, residents, and property.

In order to rehabilitate and strengthen these dams, washouts have been repaired, dam heights have been increased where necessary, and vegetation has been removed. 

Rehabilitation of McFarlane Street Bridge | Peterborough

The McFarlane Street Bridge, built in 1896 and replaced in 1962, has undergone a comprehensive inspection, including an assessment of the bridge’s substructure, concrete, embankments and guardrails. Necessary repairs have now been completed.

July 7, 2017 - Info-Work: Temporary Road Closure – McFarlane Street Bridge (PDF, 85 KB)

Warsaw Road Swing Bridge Replacement | Peterborough

The Warsaw Road Swing Bridge was originally constructed in 1956, and is a twin to the Maria St. Swing Bridge (also in the City of Peterborough). It is approximately 31 metres long and has been prioritized for replacement.

Nassau Guard Gate Replacement | Peterborough

The Nassau Guard Gate at the top of the Otonabee River is 70 years old and currently inoperable. Through this project, it will be replaced with a new structure immediately north of Nassau Mills road that will serve as a protective feature to manage high water events in the Peterborough area.

Nassau Lock 22 Concrete Repairs | Peterborough

In spring 2017, the reconstruction of the lower lock approach walls and rehabilitation of the abutments was completed at Nassau Lock 22. 

Otonabee Dam at Lock 23 Replacement| Peterborough

This project will entail the full replacement of the dam. This work will eliminate leakage, reduce response time and increase the safety of water management operations. 

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