April 11, 2018 - Community Update: Lower Lock Gate Painting

Painting and routine maintenance help to extend the lifespan of steel gates by protecting against rusting, corrosion, and natural wear. Investments in preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of our national historic sites like the Trent-Severn Waterway, will protect our heritage and strengthen their appeal as destinations to celebrate our nation's achievements.

Work such as this has little or no impact on visitors to the site however, there may be visible restoration of the grounds, or periods of elevated noise levels due to requirements for heating enclosures for property cured paint and grout. 

A crane lifts the upper lock gate out of Bobcaygeon Lock 32 to be repaired and re-painted.

Bobcaygeon Lock 32 was de-watered in the fall of 2015 to accommodate maintenance and rehabilitation of the gates over the winter months. The upper and lower steel gates were removed for repair and repainting in January 2016, and were re-installed again in time for the navigation season beginning on May 20, 2016.

In addition to the painting, new railings were installed at this site on the gates and around the lock, which sought to improve visitor safety.

Blue lock gates set in concrete.
Lower lock gates, Fenelon Falls Lock 34.

The project to paint the lock gates at Fenelon Falls Lock 34 began in the non-navigation season of 2016. The upper gates were removed by crane, inspected and repaired, painted offsite, and installed again in time for the 2017 navigation season. 

Due to their size and the potential for twisting, the lower lock gates at Fenelon Falls Lock 34 were painted in place during the winter months of 2017/18. 

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