Peterborough, Ontario, January 28, 2016 - Parks Canada is pleased to provide an update on the renewal of the Fenelon Falls lockstation, announced in June 2015.

Preliminary work is underway that will guide our decision to rehabilitate the existing Lock 34 control building, or construct a new building that will better fulfil operational needs while honouring the history of the site, and provide a more suitable space for visitors.

Workers will be onsite at Lock 34 in Fenelon Falls on January 30 to conduct geotechnical investigations. The geotechnical work will entail hand digging around the lockstation building, and will inform parts of the project design. This will be followed on February 3 with similar investigative work conducted with a small drill rig.

As the project progresses, Parks Canada will meet with members of the community of Fenelon Falls and the surrounding area to discuss how a renewed lock site can best meet community needs in the future, and provide updates on the status of this important project.

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