Work has begun on the construction of a hydro generating facility at Parks Canada’s Norland Dam in the City of Kawartha Lakes. This work is as a result of Parks Canada's issuance of a license in 2014 to Timber Run Hydropower Corporation for the production of electricity at this site.

The project in Norland will replace one of the sluiceways of the dam with a power house, and a bypass gate that will help to maintain water levels. An access driveway will be constructed to access the power house, and a canoe portage path will also be created. 

Concept drawing.

Residents will notice a slight increase in construction vehicle traffic to the Norland Dam, and minor noise normally associated with construction work. There will be net zero change to upstream and downstream water levels as a result of this hydro generating project.

Parks Canada reviews applications for water power development along both the Rideau Canal and the Trent-Severn Waterway. In addition to this project, and as a part of a business relationship between Parks Canada and the Ontario Waterpower Industry, the availability of new locations for potential development was announced in 2014.

The process to permit, license, and generate electricity through water power is extensive and ensures that the needs of the Parks Canada Agency, the Province of Ontario, the environment, the water power industry and ultimately, the Canadian public, are met.