Lock Gate Re-painting of Bobcaygeon Lock 32 & Fenelon Falls Lock 34 

Work involved sandblasting and repainting the steel gates at both locations, to prevent any possible future deterioration.

Fenelon Falls Lock 34 Building Rehabilitation

This project has been earmarked for future consideration, and will include the development of a design concept and architectural plan, as well construction of a renewed lockstation building. Preliminary work has been conducted that will guide the design of a new building that will better fulfil operational needs.

Rehabilitation of Coboconk Dam

This project includes concrete repairs to the structure and deck as well as the replacement of railings. This work will ensure that the dam is reliable, functional, meets current safety codes and standards, and that its water management capabilities are optimized.

Little Bob River Dam

Little Bob River Dam will undergo a comprehensive analysis.

Rehabilitation of Bobcaygeon Swing Bridge

Further to a comprehensive inspection that included an assessment of the bridge’s substructure, concrete, embankments and guardrails, a rehabilitation project will be initiated at the Bobcaygeon Swing Bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1921, and has been repaired and rehabilitated since that time.

Rehabilitation of Fenelon Falls Dam at Lock 34

The Fenelon Falls Dam, built in the early 1900s, will undergo a comprehensive analysis.

Comprehensive Investigation and Repairs of the Kirkfield Lift Lock 

The Kirkfield Lift Lock is recognized as a cultural resource of national significance. The Kirkfield Lift Lock will undergo a comprehensive investigation and then necessary repairs will be conducted to ensure the continued safe operation and historic preservation of this asset.

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