Construction Sites and Unauthorized Entry

Issued: December 19, 2018

Curtis Creek Earth Dams

NOTICE! Thin ice at Hurdons Earth Dam

Location:  western shoreline of the Trent Canal, north of Parkhill Road

Contractors have begun in-water work on the west side of the canal. Ice thickness and stability of the canal in this area are not like previous years as contractors are using pumps and bubblers on the western shoreline. Residents and visitors may be accessing this area via Canal Road - Parks Canada asks that residents and visitors remain off of ice surfaces in this area and do not access the canal for safety reasons.

Curtis Creek Earth Dams

Location: the eastern and western shorelines south of Parkhill Road

At both Curtis Creek and Hurdons earth dam locations, the contractor has completed the removal of vegetation and enhanced the dry side of the earth dam. At Curtis Creek, the installation of retaining walls on both east and west side are complete. Work on the water side of the earth dams has begun, and work on dry surfaces will be restored and completed in the spring/summer seasons.

Thompsons Bay

Location: Cunningham Boulevard and Scollard Drive

The earth dam work in this location has been inspected and deficiencies are being repaired. Fencing around the earth dam will soon be removed. At this location all vegetation has been removed, the dam strengthened, and the new earthen material compacted into place.  The water facing side of the dam has also been repaired, and armoured with rock.  Access roads and fencing at Waverly Park will remain in place until spring, at the request of the City of Peterborough.

Construction Sites and Unauthorized Entry

The Earth Dams along the Trent-Severn Waterway in Peterborough are popular spots for area residents to walk.  However, throughout the projects to repair these structures, these areas are constructions sites and closed to the public. 

Construction sites can be dangerous places without the appropriate safety gear and precautions.  For this reason, unauthorized access to the construction site is strictly prohibited and can result in fines, serious injuries, or worse.  Parks Canada asks that all posted signage be respected throughout this important project. 

Recognizing the part the earth dams play as public green spaces, Parks Canada will be formalizing the walking trails at these sites at the end of the project such that they can be better enjoyed by members of the community.

For More Information:

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