All boaters and land-based visitors are welcome to camp at most lockstations on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Cost is $4.90 per person.

Space is allocated by the Lockmaster on a first come, first serve basis and capacity at the station is at the discretion of the Lockmaster. 

Camping is not permitted at Bridge Stations due to a lack of public space and facilities.

Large organized cycling and hiking groups (6+) should communicate their camping requirements to Parks in advance by contacting

Visitors looking for a more serviced experience can take advantage of our oTENTiks

Check out time in the morning is 11:00 a.m.

TSW Lockstations (no camping because of suitability): 

Hastings (Lock 18) 
Scotts Mills (Lock 19) 
Peterborough Lift Lock (Lock 21) 
Bolsover (Lock 37) 

TSW Lockstations (no camping for 2018 because of construction) : 

Glen Ross (Lock 7)  
Crowe Bay (Lock 14)
Thorah (Lock 40)