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Fires are allowed ONLY in a designated fire pit. To protect our forests from the Emerald Ash Borer, all firewood must be purchased at the lockstation. Collecting firewood from the forest is prohibited. Fireworks and explosives are not permitted on site.


Please store all food, drinks, and all related items in your vehicle or boat. Please do not leave any garbage or recycling on the site or in the food storage upon departure.


Possession and consumption is enforced in accordance with the Ontario Liquor License Act. The acts prohibits consuming or having an open container of liquor on docks, shelters and public areas.


Pets in the park must be leashed at all times.


Please do not feed wildlife. Poor health and premature death can result from wildlife consuming food other than their natural food supply. When fed, animals like deer and raccoons become habituated to human contact and are at a higher risk of becoming aggressive. Keeping a safe distance from all wildlife and viewing them in a respectful manner will reduce the likelihood of a negative wildlife encounter.


Fishing is permitted in the park, however Ontario Fishing Rules & Regulations apply.


Hunting is not permitted on site.


Please do not feed, disturb or destroy wildlife, wildlife habitat, trees, plants or historical/cultural objects. Stay within marked trails and areas.

Quiet Hours

Although quiet hours are from 10PM – 8AM, help others enjoy peace and quiet throughout the day.

Additional Information

In consideration of future guests, please do not urinate around your site. Washroom facilities are just a short walk away.

Supplies are provided to maintain tidiness during your stay. You may be charged for damages or loss of supplies. 

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