Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover or both, you’ll find inspiration at Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site. Explore the ruins of the old fort, puzzle over the mysterious chimney and imagine life in this remote outpost of Upper Canada. Then hike the nature trails that lead through the woods and wetlands surrounding the old fort, near the shores of Lake Huron.


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    ​Hike and bike the trails to Huron's edge

    Four great hiking trails wind through the forest surrounding Fort St. Joseph. Whether you have 20 or 90 minutes, you’ll be able to complete an enjoyable hike, learning about Fort St. Joseph and its surroundings.

  • Two children exploring a stone ruin.

    Explore the ruins

    Once the most westerly fort in Upper Canada, Fort St. Joseph is now a fascinating historic ruin. Tour the Visitor Centre and ruins, then hike the woodland trails that surround the remains of the fort.

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